Squad Skirmish Organisator Discord


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We created a Discord server to help clans organize skirmishes, a place where they can meet and organize matches against each other.

Another one of those? Yes. Aren't there enough of these already? Yes, we though so too, but it turns out they're all more or less dead and dependend on some sort of manager who generally is not online or not responding.

Ok, so why would I join this one? Let us tell you:

We tried automating it as much as it made sense, which means you can join there 24/7, create your clan, automatically get your clan-internal room,
add your reps to it (as many as you like), join the match channels for any common match-sizes and sign up for matches without any Discord server admin or mod having to orchestrate all that.

You're in charge of it all, so skirmishes can be played with whoever you like whenever you like.
We see it as a platform to enable you to find skirmishes across communities, countries and continents.

And: also we're around. Not that you'd need us. But if you do, we are.

Join here:Discord160